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We ran into some good old country girls on the way home from a huge party the night before. We had to take a peek with our video camera. So we did and as usual we got some footage worth stopping for. I don't know how to describe it but it was some sort of a wet t-shirt contest and a fucking boxing match. We had these college whores wrestling and boxing each other. It ended up fine though as they kissed and made up.
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This college whore had a fucking blast and we had fun video taping her naked body. She had no fucking clue what she was in for when she decided to attend this party filled with horny young guys with their hormones raging. The girl stood no chance of getting out so she figured she might as well enjoy it - and she did. This chick fucked so many guys her pussy must have been sore. She sucked plenty of cocks at this party too.
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The hottest college girls in the country all gathered for some wild party action. A bunch of hot young girls were drunk as fuck trying to compete to see who can make the most dicks around them the hardest. When no guys were around the girls had fun all by themselves. We all know there is nothing sexier than a couple of hot college girls bumping and grinding on each other. Here we caught a few whores doing just that.
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We caught this girl with some monster hooters flirting with strangers at this party we attended. Later on she ended up hooking up with some random guy at the party. Everyone was shocked at the massive size of her big boobs when she popped them out and flashed everyone. This really was a real college flasher. You can see the video of this girl getting her ass fucked while her big tits flop around in the Dare Dorm members area.
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After a long day we set up an after party to invite all the drunk little whores over. It was turning out to be a big fucking party! Hot college girls all over the place and tons of even hotter college girls on the streets wanting to come up. They were showing their huge monster tits for the first time.
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After hours of hard drinking we got these two love birds fucking in the living room of this house party. At first they just fondled each other but later we saw her get fingered. Later while everyone was watching this horny chick had multiple orgasms. This is the kind of shit that goes on at these parties that these college guys throw.
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The hottest teens gather here at a wild college party to shake that ass and jiggle those tits as hundreds of horny guys with cameras take pictures and video and catch the college party whores get humiliated. I always wonder what possesses these whores to show off their tits, I guess they love the attention.
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We were at a party filled with shy girls so we got a stripper so at least one girl would flash us. Well in the end she did a lot more than just a flash her tits. After getting her drinking from a beer bong the paid stripper turned into a party hard college whore right before our very eyes. She gave a great blowjob too.
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Here at Dare Dorm we have wild college girls that love to fucking party. Every week a new party is added, filled with college party girls getting drunk and acting like whores. We go film these college whores at local college frat parties where the beer is free and so are the college party whores. Join now to see real girls doing the craziest things ever while fucked up. Do you want to hear about my porn story? Well even if you don't. Here it goes. I meet a girl online and she was such a hot babe. Let me tell you something, she had a really wide butt which makes sex fun because not only her boobies shake but also her booty too. She's not some hot MILF but rather a younger chick who flashes her boobs online. She's got large tits so large they could be natural or could be fake. But man can they shake either way. So do you like my story about my hot girlfriend? I'll tell you more about her suckable boobs later.

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